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Rehabilitation of occupational stress 

In lean organizations the sick-list might sky rocket. Monica Kjellman and Lena Hammarbäck have together taken a practical approach to the problem which is presented in these three hands-on books. The literature have helped thousands of Swedish companies get a grip on how to deal with occupational stress, burnout and depression. The popular books are marketed through the Swedish Work Environment Authority to manage the sick-listed. The method is scientifically evalutated by Monica Kjellman in cooperation with Karolinska Institute.


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What the manager needs to know about rehabilitaton 

For the manager, this is a hands-on manual on what to do when the employee suddenly collapses. It takes the reader step by step through the rehabilitation process with the aim of getting the employee back in full work- without dodging the fact that it might take years. 27 000 copies sold.

What the reported sick needs to know about rehabilitation 

This self-help book for the employee with stress-related illness gives a clear view on how to manage the situation. Step by step it goes through the different stages of rehabilitation, what to expect and how to react. There is also hands-on advice and plans. 8 200 copies sold

Educational material for people working with rehabilitation 

The educational material may be used as a basis for lectures or as support to anyone appointed to deal with rehabilitation within a company. It is based on a series of overhead slides combined with texts on all different subjects surrounding rehabilition. The book contains a thourough review on all different roles such as family, employer, government etc., including action plans and preventive work. 220 copies sold.

About the authors
Lena Hammarbäck, psychologist and organization consultant, works with managing organizations, leadership and group development and lectures on several issues regarding psychoocial work environment.
Monica Kjellman, ergonomist and certified physiotherapist, specialises on work environment issues, occupational stress and rehabilitation and gives classes on personal health management.